Circling Scandinavia


François Houle, clarinet
Eric Bumstead, percussion

R. Murray Schafer Trio for Violin, Viola and Cello -Nominated for JUNO Award 2013
Bent Sorenson Phantasmagoria
Maija Hynninen Sormiharjoitus
Keith Hamel Refraction
Kaija Saariaho Serenatas
Francois Houle and Laura Jayne Bowler – Improvisation
François Houle- Ethos Studies

With a huge wealth of exciting new music coming out of Scandanavia, Land’s End wanted to bring some of that rich musical sound world to Calgary. A work by the celebrated Finnish female composer, Kaija Saariaho, displays an array of exquisite sonorities, and is programmed alongside Bent Sorenson’s Phantasmagoria, an innovative work for piano trio performed by our core ensemble members. This concert is sure to be a feature for both the ears and eyes! The Scandinavian soundscape is interspersed between works of Canadian origin, creating, what can only be described as, a Canadian- Scandinavia Sandwich!

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