, by Vincent Ho and directed by Emil Agopian, is featured on www.icareifyoulisten.com! Much thanks to our musicians, guest artists Ben Reimer (drum set) and Karl Hirzer (conductor), recording engineer Zana Warner, producer Chris Sandvoss, and the entire LE team!

Here are the links: https://bit.ly/2pXTmks  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86pj4Ax66nE

Our upcoming CD release has been included in CBC’s “Fall 2019 Guide: 17 Albums Need to Hear: https://bit.ly/2VA5Zy6

And finally, we are excited to share with you the news of our latest project with the Glenbow Museum! Canadian composers Alexina Louie, Allan Gordon Bell, and Jocelyn Morlock have been commissioned to compose works inspired by the paintings of Sybil Andrews. These works will be recorded for future commercial release and will be premiered this season as part of Glenbow Museum’s Sybil Andrews exhibition. First performance: October 19, 2019 (private event). More performances will follow during this season.