Dream Shadows from A Prairie Suite No. 1 (1920’s)

Jack Bullough

Jack Bullough (1879-1953) is one of several composers who emigrated to Canada from Great Britain, bringing the traditions and musical culture of his day to “the colonies”. You will notice a theatrical bent to the music he composes. This theatricality is no accident; as researcher Kat Hammer points out, Bullough was steeped in the Gilbert and Sullivan tradition, and ultimately found his niche in Calgary as Musical Director of the Grand Theatre.


Level: High School

There are literally dozens of scholarly and fan-based websites devoted to the music created by Gilbert and Sullivan (G & S). As a reference, visit this website¬†and peruse the material on G & S songs. Listen to recorded examples of songs from three different operas. What are the hallmarks of G & S song style? What are the principal concerns regarding treatment of the text? How is Jack Bullough’s song Dream Shadows similar to a typical G & S song?