Meditation, Op. 39 (1935)

Clifford Higgin

The story of the life and music of Clifford Higgin (1873-1951) is typical of many early musicians in Western Canada. Born in England, Higgins was noted as a church musician, a writer of musical theatre pieces, a conductor and teacher of younger musicians, and a composer of large and small works of music. In short, he provided leadership to his community in a variety of venues.


Level: High School


Read the following biographical materials on Higgin’s life and music:

“Echoes from Screen and Stage”
The Globe, August 1, 1936
The Globe, August 1, 1936 (zoomed)
Works, page 1 of 3
Works, page 2 of 3
Works, page 3 of 3

  1. List the types of work he did to make a living as a musician.
  2. Is there a musician in your town, city, community or province who provides similar leadership?
  3. Contact that musician. Design a set of questions you would like to ask that musician concerning his/her activities. Use email, telephone, or an in-person interview to ask your questions. Be sure to ask why he/she is so involved in all of these areas.
  4. Summarize your findings, and bring a report back to your class.

How can the musical life of one person expand to impact an entire community?