Soundplay 1 (2004)

David Eagle


Level: K-Grade 6

In Soundplay I composer David Eagle takes found sounds, and manipulates them to make a new kind of music. He found the sounds of everyday objects could be used in combination to create a new “soundscape”

  1. At your home, find an object that makes a special sound. Don’t bring electronic toys or “real” musical instruments – try to find a new sound from a common object. (Check with your parents to ensure the object is not dangerous in any way.)
  2. Experiment and discover at least two ways to make two different sounds with your found object.
  3. Design a simple symbol for your found sound object.
  4. Bring your object and symbol to school. Using the blackboard, create a piece of music that uses every person’s found sound.
  5. Edit your piece of music. Are there parts where you can be louder or softer? Are there places where you can use your two means of creating sound.
  6. Perform this piece for another class, or even for your parents, in a concert setting.