Four Degrees of Freedom

Winner of the 2005 Western Canadian Music Award for Outstanding Classical Recording! “Land’s End Chamber Ensemble’s first recording … is an impressive début, with first-rate performances and excellent production. The repertoire is a bold selection, saying, ‘We’re here, we’re good, we’re happy to entertain you and just as happy to challenge you’” Malcolm Tattersall, Music & Vision

1. Sonata No. 2, George Antheil

2. Between Tides, Toru Takemitsu

3. Three Preludes for Piano: Violento, Gordon Rumson

4. Three Preludes for Piano: Arioso, Gordon Rumson

5. Three Preludes for Piano: “In modo ironico”, Gordon Rumson

6. String Trio, Sofia Gubaidulina

7. String Trio, Sofia Gubaidulina

8. String Trio, Sofia Gubaidulina

9. Saudades do Brasil: Ipanema, Darius Milhaud

10. Saudades do Brasil: Tijuca, Darius Milhaud

11. Saudades do Brasil: Sumare, Darius Milhaud

12. Four Degrees of Freedom, Kelly-Marie Murphy

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