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Sunday, October 27, 2019 - 1:30pm

Festival Hall
1215 10 Ave SE

Guest Artist – Ben Reimer, percussion

Vincent Ho (CAN) – Morning Song
Alexina Louie (CAN) – Out of Night, Birdsong Derek Charke (CAN) – Tree Rings
Allan Gordon Bell (CAN) – 29/39 SA in motoric vorticular cubistic cuts
Vincent Ho (CAN) – Burn (from Kickin’ It 2.0)


We are thrilled to be part of this year’s “New Music Festival” hosted by New Works Calgary! Come join us as we cel-ebrate our season launch featuring per-formances by Land’s End Ensemble with guest percussionist Ben Reimer. Also included is the release of our latest CD “Kickin’ It 2.0,” and the special showing of a new LE music video, created by award-winning director Emil Agopian.

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November 1st, 2020 @ 1 PM

Live from the King Eddy: Land’s End Ensembe
King Eddy, 438 - 9 Ave SE

On October 2, our album celebrating Omar Daniel’s 60th birthday year was released. Please join us on Sunday, November 1 at 1 pm—live, or virtually—for our Omar Daniel CD Launch at the King Eddy. This event is being hosted by the National Music Centre (NMC) as part of its recently announced concert series: Stingray Classical Live from the King Eddy.

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Friday, November 8, 2019, 7:30pm

cSpace King Edward
1721 29 Ave SW

Co-curated by Alexina Louie
6:45pm – Pre-concert chat with Alexina Louie and Allen Gordon Bell
Guest Artists – Marcin Swoboda, violin/viola  &  Laura Reid, violin
Guest Composer – Alexina Louie and Allan Gordon Bell


In celebration of her 70th birthday year, we are thrilled to present award-winning Canadian composer Alexina Louie as our curator for this opening concert of the season. Featured on this program are a collection of Ms. Louie’s works complemented by those of other composers she has specially chosen: John Rea, Johannes Brahms, Chen Yi, and Luciano Berio. Also featured are the premieres of new works by Ms. Louie and Calgary’s own Allan Gordon Bell as part of a special commission by the Glenbow Museum.

Luciano Berio (ITL) – Duetti (selections)
Alexina Louie (CAN) – Out of the Night, Birdsong (world premiere)
Allan Gordon Bell (CAN) – 29/39 SA in motoric vorticular cubistic cuts (world premiere)
Alexina Louie (CAN) – Bringing the Tiger Down the Mountain II
Alexina Louie (CAN) – Pond Mirrors Bright Sky – Wild Horse Running
John Rea (CAN) – Las Meninas (selections)
Chen Yi (CHN/USA) – Memory
Johannes Brahms (GER) – Intermezzo, Op.119, No. 1 Alexina Louie (CAN) – Falling Through Time

Friday, February 28, 2020, 7:30pm

Rozsa Centre, U of C

Co-curated by Jocelyn Morlock
6:45pm – Pre-concert chat with Jocelyn Morlock and David Eagle
Guest Artists – Dean O’Brien, viola and Laura Reid, violin and Denise Clarke, dancer
Guest Composers – Jocelyn Morlock and David Eagle

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Considered one of Western Canada’s most celebrated composers, Jocelyn Morlock has established herself as an important voice of her generation and a tireless supporter of our musical culture. In celebration of her 50th birthday year, she has put together this special concert that highlights her musical gifts and curatorial talents. Works include those by Ms. Morlock, Bekah Simms, Salina Fisher, Kaija Saariaho, and Toshio Hosokawa. Denise Clarke, innovative performance artist and choreographer, will join Land’s End cellist, Beth Root Sandvoss in the performance of Kaija Saariaho’s Sept Papillon. Will also be presenting the world premieres of new works by Ms. Morlock and Calgary’s own David Eagle.

David Eagle (CAN) – Altered States (world premiere) Jocelyn Morlock (CAN) – Asylum
Kaija Saariaho (FIN) – Sept Papillons
Bekah Simms (CAN) – Salvation (what was needed most)
Jocelyn Morlock (CAN) – Vulpine
Toshio Hosokawa (JPN) – Memory – In memory of Isang Yun
Salina Fisher (NZL) – Torino
Jocelyn Morlock (CAN) – Speedway (world premiere)

Saturday, June 6, 2020, 7:30pm

Bella Concert Hall
Mount Royal University

Co-curated by Randolph Peters

6:45 – pre-concert chat with Randolph Peters and Vincent Ho

Guest Artists – Brett Polegato (baritone), Luminous Voices
Guest Composers – Randolph Peters, John Estacio and Bramwell Tovey


In partnership with Mount Royal University, we are excited to present this special concert curated by acclaimed Canadian composer Randolph Peters, as part of his 60th birthday celebration. For almost four decades, Mr. Peters’ has had a long and illustrious career as a composer and curator, whose contributions have impacted Canadian music in
far reaching ways. This event was carefully created by Mr. Peters to highlight the extraordinary talents of all artists involved. Featured will be works of John Estacio, and Mary Kouyoumdjian, as well as the world premieres of new works by Mr. Peters, Bramwell Tovey, and Vincent Ho, all written for this celebratory event.

John Estacio (CAN) – Aria
Bramwell Tovey (CAN/UK) – Aria (world premiere) Vincent Ho (CAN) – <New work> (world premiere)
Randolph Peters (CAN) – Violinmaker’s Lament Mary Kouyoumdjian (ARM/USA) – Moerae
Randolph Peters (CAN) – Ways of Escape (world premiere)

Saturday, June 8, 2019, 7:30 PM

Rozsa Centre, U of C

6:45 Pre-concert chat with Brian Garbet, Adam Scime & Vincent Ho
Works of Brian Garbet, Adam Scime, Chen Yi, Alfred Schnittke

Thursday, May 2, 2019, 7:30 PM

Studio Bell, 850 - 4 Street SE

Co-sponsored by CPO
Guest Composer – John Corigliano
6:45 PM pre-concert chat with John Corigliano & Vincent Ho
Works of John Corigliano, John Psathas, Vincent Ho

Friday, February 8, 2019, 7:30 PM

Rozsa Centre, U of C

6:45 PM  pre-concert chat with Vincent Ho
Works of Franghiz Ali-Zadeh, Daniel Vacs, Tze-Yeung Ho, Omar Daniel

October 19, 2018, 7:30 PM

Michael Lipnicki Fine Pianos
6033 Centre St S, Calgary

Pulling the Light: Land’s End Ensemble @ 20

Food, Drinks and Silent Auction
Including autographed memorabilia from Dame Evelyn Glennie and composers.

Performances of works by Allan Gordon Bell, Omar Daniel, and Vincent Ho
RSVP by October 17 to Po Yeh at

Unable to attend? Please consider making a donation.


For 21 years, LE has featured acclaimed artists and new works by composers from all over the world. Our legacy CD projects are historical documentations that reach listeners around the globe to experience and discover for years to come. Such cultural activities make significant impacts on people’s lives and require the patronage of visionary sponsors. Haydn and Price Esterházy, Beethoven, and Count Razoumovsky, created legendary masterpieces that remain celebrated in our day. Composers and performers seek similar support from discerning sponsors and supporters.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 with your help, and an anonymous supporter will match every dollar raised at this event
Dress – informal

November 08, 2017

7:00 PM
Studio Bell, National Music Centre, 850 - 4th St. SW

6:15pm – Pre-concert chat with composer Arthur Bachmann hosted by Vincent Ho

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This concert is presented by the CPO

Guest Artist: Denise Clarke (dancer)
Guest Composer – Arthur Bachmann

Music presented by Land’s End at International Society of Contemporary Music’s (ISCM) World Music Days in Vancouver. Featuring a world premiere of Laniakea by CPO’s own Arthur Bachmann.

Mauricio De Bonis (BRA) – Melancolia I (A3)
Lotta Wennäkoski (FIN) – Päärme
Tze Yeung Ho (NOR/CAN) – Shulammite (a)
Arthur Bachmann (CAN) – Laniakea (world premiere)
Arvo Pärt (EST) – Spiegel im Spiegel
Omar Daniel (CAN) – Trio No.2
Vincent Ho (CAN) – War Dance

Adult/Senior/Student – $30

February 02, 2018

8:00 PM Rozsa Centre, U of C

7:15pm – Pre-concert chat with Vincent Ho, Robert Aitken, David Eagle, Hope Lee and Sean Clarke


Guest Artists – Robert Aitken ( flautist\co-curator); James Campbell (clarinet)

Guest Composers – David Eagle, Sean Clarke and Hope Lee

Hope Lee (CAN) – Imaginary Garden VII…until another year, another bloom…
David Eagle (CAN) – Fluctuare
Sean Clarke (CAN) – Delirium Nocturnum
Matthew Ricketts (CAN) – Graffiti Songs
Arnold Schoenberg (AUT) – Kammersymphonie No. 1 (arr. Anton Webern)

$20 adults/$15 students and seniors

April 07, 2018

7:30PM, Rozsa Centre, U of C


2018 Finalists
Gavin Fraser – Garmonboziac
Alice Hong – Sepia
Adam Scime – Gradual Erasures

As part of our mandate to support and promote new music creation, we are excited to present this year’s annual Land’s End Composers Competition, our 18th Edition.

Three compositions have been selected from across Canada for this event, and each finalist will join us as we workshop and present the works in concert. Our distinguished jury members are Ilkim Tongur, Matt Haimovitz and Vincent Ho. This event is co-sponsored by the University of Calgary School of Creative and Performing Arts.

Free admission

June 09, 2018

8:00 PM Rozsa Centre, U of C

Our final concert brings together four exciting Canadian composers from across the country: Lesley Hinger, Carmen Braden, Mark Limacher, and Omar Daniel. They have created four new works take on pivotal issues currently shaping the world we live in – their own musical documentations of today’s important events. In addition to their works, we are proud to present the Canadian premiere of “On Parole” for piano trio and spatialized strings by internationally celebrated composer Merlijn Twaalhoven (NLD). Omar Daniel’s masterpiece Zwei Lieder nach Rilke (winner of the 1997 Jules Léger Prize) rounds out our concert and features acclaimed soprano Laura Hynes, Land’s End Ensemble, and many of Calgary’s talented musicians.

7:15pm pre-concert chat with Carmen Braden, Lesley Hinger, Mark Limacher and Omar Daniel


Guest Artist – Laura Hynes (soprano) Guest Composers – Carmen Braden, Lesley Hinger, Mark Limacher, & Omar Daniel

Lesley Hinger (CAN) – TBA
Mark Limacher (CAN) – TBA
Omar Daniel (CAN) – <New work>
Carmen Braden (CAN) – TBA
Merlijn Twaalhoven (NLD) – On Parole (Canadian premiere)
Omar Daniel (CAN) – Zwei Lieder nach Rilke

$20 adults/$15 students and seniors

May 26, 2017

Bella Concert Hall, Mount Royal University
6:45pm pre-concert chat with Allan Gordon Bell, Luna Pearl Woolf, Omar Daniel, Derek Charke,
and Vincent Ho

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Guest Artist – Dame Evelyn Glennie

For two decades, Juno-nominated Land’s End Ensemble has captivated audiences with its high-calibre performances and innovative programming. With over a 100 Canadian works premiered by the Ensemble, it has firmly established itself as one of Canada’s most acclaimed ensembles. To celebrate its 20th Anniversary season, world-renowned percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie – winner of over 80 international awards including the Grammy Award and the Polar Music Prize – will be joining the Ensemble for this gala concert. This special event, presented by MRU Soundscape Series, will feature new works composed
especially for this occasion by many of today’s award-winning Canadian composers, while showcasing Ms. Glennie and Land’s End Ensemble performing together for the first time.

The Ensemble is also proud to release Friday, May 26, 7:30pm its 20th Anniversary CD on this occasion.

Allan Gordon Bell (CAN) – Markings (for piano trio) world premiere
Luna Pearl Woolf (CAN/USA) – <New work for percussion and cello>
Allan Gordon Bell (CAN) – <New work for solo percussion>
James Keane (UK) – Piece for Dance (percussion and tape)
Arvo Pärt (EST) – Spiegel Im Spiegel (cello and piano)
Omar Daniel (CAN) – STELCO (for percussion and piano) world premiere
Derek Charke (CAN) – <New work for percussion and violin>
Vincent Ho (CAN) – Kickin’ It 2.0 (for drum-kit and piano trio) world premiere

March 31, 2017

Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary


17th Edition

We very proudly support and promote new music creation and as part of our mandate, we are excited to present the annual Land’s End Composers Competition. Three works will be selected from across the nation for this event, and each composer will be in attendance as we workshop and present each piece in concert. Judges will be selected from across Canada to choose the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizewinners of this season’s competition, and audience members will vote for the winner of the Audience Prize. This event is presented in partnership with the University of Calgary’s School of Creative and Performing Arts.

February 05, 2017

1:00pm and 3:30pm
Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary
Pre-show activities one hour before each performance
Recommended for families with children aged 5-12


Presented by Calgary Pro Musica
Writer – Paul Goble (UK)
Composer – Bruce Adolphe (US)

Guest Artists: Catherine Glaser-Climie and Cantaré Children’s Choir

The story of a young Native American girl who has a deep affinity for wild horses is vividly
brought to life with music and narration. Based on the award-winning children’s book of the
same name by Paul Goble with music by Bruce Adolphe, this work is both joyful and noble.
Premiered by Boston Musica Viva, toured by The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
and many other organizations in the U.S, The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses makes its Alberta
premiere performed by two of Calgary finest ensembles, Cantaré Children’s Choir and Land’s
End Ensemble, presented by Calgary Pro Musica.

February 03, 2017

Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary
7:15pm pre-concert chat with Emilie Lebel, Analia Llugdar,
Ilkim Tongur, and George Fenwick


Guest Artist – Laura Hynes (soprano)

Emilie Lebel (CAN) – <New work>
Analia Llugdar (CAN) – Don Liborio Avila world premiere
Analia Llugdar (CAN) – Spleen
George Fenwick (CAN) – Platinum world premiere
Ilkim Tongur (CAN) – Sacred Voices of the Golden Horn world premiere

As part of the University of Calgary’s Forms of Sound Festival, Land’s End Ensemble is proud
to celebrate its 20th season with the world premieres of new works by four composers from
across the nation: local composers George Fenwick, and Ilkim Tongur; from Montreal Analia
Llugdar (winner of the Jules Léger Prize); and Emilie Lebel from Toronto (winner of the 2015
Land’s End Composers Competition). All composers will be in attendance for this special
evening to celebrate our milestone season.

April 08, 2016

Festival Hall, 1210 - 10 Ave SE
7:15pm pre-concert chat with Derek Charke and Ana Sokolovic


Guest Artist -Derek Charke (flute)
Guest Composers – Ana Sokolovic, Derek Charke

For our final concert of the season we are thrilled feature the works of two of Canada’s most celebrated award-winning composers: Ana Sokolovic (winner of the 2008 and 2012 Jan V. Matejcek Award) and Derek Charke (winner of the 2013 Juno Award for “Best Classical Composition”). Both will be in attendance as we present several of their most recent works, including a world premiere of a new piece by Charke written especially for Land’s End. Charke will also be highlighted as our featured guest artist (flute). Come be part of our dynamic closing concert of the 2015/16 season and meet our distinguished musical guests!

Andrew Norman (USA)–Light Screens
Ana Sokolovic (CAN)–Prélude et Tocatte
Ana Sokolovic (CAN)–Cinque Danses
Ana Sokolovic (CAN)–Portrait Parle
Derek Charke (CAN)–<New work>(World Premiere)
Derek Charke (CAN)–Disturbances of Circadian Rhythm
Derek Charke (CAN)–Tangled in Plastic Currents
Full Company (CAN)–Improvisation

March 06, 2016

Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary


As part of our mandate to support and promote new music creation, we are excited
to present this year’s annual Young Composers’ Competition. Three works will be
selected from across the nation for this event, and each composer will be in
attendance as we workshop and present each piece in concert. Juries will be
selected from all across Canada to decide on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizewinners of this
season’s competition, and audience members will vote for the winner of the Audience Prize.

January 30, 2016

Rozsa Centre, University of Calgary
7:15pm pre-concert chat with Omar Daniel and Aiyun Huang

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Guest Artist – Aiyun Huang (percussion)
Guest Composer – Omar Daniel

For this concert we are proud to feature two of Canada’s most celebrated artists:
composer Omar Daniel and percussionist Aiyun Huang. We are thrilled to have
Dr. Daniel with us as we present the world premiere of his newly commissioned work
written for Land’s End Ensemble, as well as the presentation of his epic Junonominated
work Strategies Against Architecture: Book II – a piece that has garnered
universal praise and excitement. Award-winning percussionist Ms. Huang will highlight
this concert with many exciting new works for percussion and chamber ensemble by
composers from Canada and all over the world.

Vincent Ho (CAN) – Sandman’s Castle
Simon Steen-Andersen (DNK) – Beside, Besides
Gareth Farr (NZL) – Fifty Fifty
Laurie Radford (CAN) – The Notion of Motion
Omar Daniel (CAN) – Trio No.2
Valentin Silvestrov (UKR) – Nostalghia
Omar Daniel (CAN) – Strategies Against Architecture, Book II
Louis Andriessen (NLD) – Workers Union

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