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Featured Project

Recording of John Corigliano’s “Mr. Tambourine Man”
We are thrilled to be working on our next recording project: John Corigliano’s song-cycle “Mr. Tambourine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan” (chamber ensemble version).

Recent Projects


Kickin’ It 2.0

Kickin’ It 2.0 is a virtuosic work, written for drum kit and piano trio, based from the original drum kit + piano duo version (Kickin’ It, written for Vicky Chow and Ben Reimer)....


Recording of Gryphon Realms

On March 14 we began recording Vince Ho's work Gryphon Realms for our next CD (to be released in 2022). The above photo was taken at UofC's Rozsa Centre. Zana Corbett...




Laniakea is the name of our local super galactic cluster; the cluster of galaxies in which our own humble Milky Way Galaxy is a part of, and is a glorious Hawaiian word meaning Immeasurable...



Evelyn Glennie’s challenge: a piece for one cymbal with no mallet changes.



Each of the three phases of water carves a mark upon the world: as atmospheric vapour, as flowing streams and rivers, and as glacial ice.

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