Partita in the Style of J. S. Bach (ca. 1945)

Leonard Leacock

Leonard Leacock is the namesake of the Leacock Theatre at Mount Royal College. Besides his activities as a teacher and composer, Leacock was a noted photographer and mountaineer. His own music was very idiomatic and varied in style. Leacock usually composed works for players he knew. This work was premiered in 1948 at a concert of the Calgary Women’s Musical Club concert.


Level: Grades 7-9

  1. Using the internet, find out the basic facts of the life of Johann Sebastian Bach’s life. What kind of music did he compose and perform?
  2. What is a partita?
  3. Leacock used this old style of solo violin music by Bach to compose something new. Can you think of any musicians today who use old styles or parts of songs to make new music (sic, remix artists?)
  4. Find an example of a remixed song. Listen to it several times. Bring your song to class. Explain what you have learned about the component parts used to make up this song. Are the lyrics the same? Is sampling involved? Is there a harmony or a “riff” that identifies the music that was borrowed?