String Quartet, Adagio intensito, Allegro scintillante (1967)

Thomas Schudel

Born in Ohio in 1937, Thomas Schudel moved to Canada and became a Canadian citizen in 1974. He studied composition with Dr. Marshall Barnes, Ross Lee Finney, and Leslie Bassett, ultimately earning a DMA at the University of Michigan. He joined the Department of the Music at the University of Regina in 1964, teaching composition, harmony, counterpoint, and analysis.


Level: K – Grade 6

Have your class listen to the Allegro Scintillante movement by Schudel. Listen for rising and falling pitches. Generally, the music is getting higher and higher throughout the piece. However, some very interesting “falling sounds” called glissandi are also evident.

Listen to the piece a few times, and try to get a feel for the long, steady rise of the music, and the quick, darting falls. Arm the students with paint and paper. Play the piece again, and have them react to what they hear in colour and shapes on the paper before them. Encourage abstract shapes and forms. Explore fast and slow strokes. Below you can find two examples by a 5 year-old and eight-year old.