Gravity and Grace

***Winner of the 2014 JUNO Award for Classical Composition of the Year, “Gravity and Grace”***
***Winner of the 2014 WCMA for Classical Composition of the Year, “Gravity and Grace”***

Allan Gordon Bell has one of the most individual compositional voices of western Canada and is the creator of rich and mature aural landscapes, works of a profound spiritual quality. The listener feels herself on the prairie witnessing a soaring falcon, or in a mountain range or caught up in a storm. The horizon seems endless and you can feel the wind and the raw elements, as they might have been experienced by first nations and fauna before the arrival of Europeans. This CD from Centrediscs is the first devoted to Bell’s chamber music and is to be released on his sixtieth birthday. It includes the premiere recordings of four works, ranging from 1997 to 2012, including Trails of Gravity and Grace, and Field Notes, a new composition for the celebrated instrumental combination of Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time.

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