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From the moment I saw it, I immediately fell in love with the fast mechanistic energy of Sybil Andrews’ Speedway, the linocut that inspired my work by the same name. Andrews’ work...


Five Miniatures

I have been drawn to miniatures as of late because they seem only ever truer to life. A series of moments, some beautiful, some vexing, all begging for an explanation as to...


Event Horizon

Pulling the light, escape velocity, redshifted, proper time, singularity.


Trio No.2

Recording of first performance: Land’s End Ensemble; February 2, 2016; Rozsa Centre, Calgary.


How Cold the Sun

It often fascinates me how the mind and the body will naturally devise innovative ways to transform darkness into lightness.


Out of the Night, Birdsong

When choosing from the various themes that the Glenbow Museum identified in its 2019 exhibition Sybil Andrews: Art and Life for a composition project involving composers Allan Gordon Bell, Jocelyn Morlock, and...


Imaginary Garden VII…until another year, another bloom…

Imaginary Garden, a sonic garden of discovery, growth, imagination and recollection, is a series of chamber pieces written for unusual instrumental combinations, with the intention of exploring musical gestures with motion, images,...

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