Performance at Kelowna’s Living Things International Festival

January 31, 2023

Self-described as an event featuring performances of the strange and wonderful, this festival features theatre, art and performances that inspire, entertain and provoke thought and conversation.

On February 3, along with percussionist Chris Seis, we will be performing a show entitled Listen Here. Works included will be:

Vincent Ho: 3 Preludes (cello and drum kit)
Reena Esmail: Jhula Jhule (cello and piano)
Vincent Ho: Kickin’ It – mvts 2, 3, 4 (piano and drum kit)
Omar Daniel: STELCO (piano and vibraphone/steel plates)
Arvo Part: Siegel im Spiegel (cello and piano)
Astor Piazzolla: Grand Tango (cello and piano)
Astor Piazzolla: Libertango (vibraphone, cello, piano)

We’re honoured to have been included in the Living Things’ lineup of shows and experiences!

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