"Here was only one work of many in which Ms. Ruberg-Gordon achieved the finest balance, acting as both the core sound and the very glue of Land’s End Ensemble – absolutely ideal playing all night."

Stephan Bonfield

“...a wonderful Land’s End Ensemble concert, Land’s End certainly did justice to the work, particularly at the furious climactic points of the piece…”

Stephan Bonfield, The Calgary Herald

“...the music is rigorous, lively and imaginative; his program notes mention influences of Estonian folk music…”

Roger Knox, Whole Note

“...great performances by the core piano trio and guests, Bell’s music shimmers and shrieks, grumbles and growls…”

Max Christie, Whole Note

"Each gives us a dramatic and well thought out piece that sounds increasingly more cogent the more one listens."

Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

Calgary New Music Festival present's Land's End Ensemble's Visual Music Festival Hall.

Stephan Bonfield